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Friday, 24 December 2010

Hey ya! There is a new thing made by me. And it`s a house... again. That`s not weird for me, because I`m studied on architect. I hope I will have a chance to back into sims 3 object creation. I have a lot of plans on it. But had not so much time to make it.

This house is a little weird and loft styled, because I Inspired by the architect Bernard Tschumi.But It`s very interesting and cozy inside. This is a little Christmas present from me. =) It contains a lot of stuff from Advents 2011, so the file size is soo huge (160 MB). Thanks a lot to Bożena and Helena from prosims who have founded all Advents.
This lot contents some new stuff from me. That`s a two new round windows. I will make a separated link to it later. When I`ll finally end this set. ;)

  Lot size: 30x30
Lot type: residential
Price furnished: 328559$
Price unfurnished: 82438$
Number of floors: 4
Custom content: package is included.
Free store content was used but not included. Found it here and here

Here is the link to slideshow
And alternative one. Very funny ^__^ 
Here is a link to a photoalbum

Hope you`ll like this little present.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Have a nice holidays!


GuijoBô said...

very nice ! great work !!!

ZILLAH said...

Love this house but as I cannot speak German I'm confused as to which part I click to download ?

Victor said...

Thank you, GuijoBô. You are always welcomed
ZILLAH, I think you are not the one so I has made some information about this

ZILLAH said...

Thank you very much - was able to download ok, such a beautiful house

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