Need a feedback. Please, help.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hi to all ya! I didn`t upload anything for some time. Sorry. That`s all because I dicided to work on new male clothing meshes. By now I has such issue. Please look the picture.

That a seams on the neck and shoulders. Ewww.=( They suddenly appeared when I ended to make a new clothing mesh and imported it in workshop. I was already tweaking a specular layer, edited the mesh material, its shinness parameter. I thought it was one of  TSRW bugs, but in game it looks with a seams too.

I tried all I could for a week but it`s still the same. And now I see, I can`t continue my work without your help. Hope Sims3 fashion designers visits my blog, so, please, tell me, what`s wrong? I have a TSRW version. Thanks in advance


bau said...

Hi Victor - I have never tried to mesh clothing, so I will not be especially helpful on this, but - I did read on the TSR forums that 2.0.0 is problematic for those who mesh clothing. This is the post here - I know I have seen others post similar responses. Try working with the latest beta version of the program found here: I hope a later version will be just the thing you need. Good luck : )

Victor said...

Thank you, Bau.) I checked it out in new version of Workshop but it had not changed nothing. =( Great thanks for you showed me a newest version of workshop. I didn`t know there is a newer one then 2.0.0.

Victor said...

I decided to start a new thread on TSR feedback forum. Hope it will help <=(

GuijoBô said...

????? je ne peux vraiment pas t'aider pour ce problème !!! bon courage !!

Tegi said...

Отключи autosmooth в милкшейпе во вкладке "группы"

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