The Sheriff`s house

Saturday, 3 July 2010

This is my first project made special for You probably have already seen it on the background of this blog. =)

Actually it is not the community lot. It`s a "rabbit hole" or rather a police station. And it`s functuonally as a police station - you can enter it and work here. This set includes self-maded meshes such as star at the facade of the house, the pictures facing burglars, one horse that you probably have seen before in my set and finally the invisible police station with animated door.

And there are a lot of custom content that is inluded. The packages are in separated folder. Thanks to babybluebug, TheNinthWave (Saphiresims), alex_stanton1983 and CEMRE (TSR), Infusorian for theirs creations i used for this house.

Lot size: 40x30
Lot type: community (rabbit hole)
Number of floors:
Custom content: all is inluded.
Used objects only from basic game. Back of the picture is only for decoration 

To download and see the pictures click here.
Press main picture to download


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