Latia conversion pack. Pt.1

Friday, 9 July 2010

Here is the pack of conversions of my favorite creator *n-a-n-u*. I know that Dave upload his conversions himself, but i decided to make mine and can`t wait until his versions. Maybe that`s no good to upload a subscriber meshes but decided to do this. And you`ll see, my conversions is far from his quality. Some of them is not recolorable, candles are very glowing at night, lattice in cages is always desappearing in game, the lounge chair is  without armrests but animation still the basegame and still so on blah-blah-blah. But... unless it`s free =)

Set contains different items from Latia sets, one from Mao and one from Piru: a lounge chair (in chairs), table lamp and candles (are in lighting), sunny mirror (in mirrors). A floor pillow is can be used as the end-table, it is in this derictory. A potted palm branch, two cages, decorative pillow, a little teaset and a pile of wood can be found under decorative. Enjoy this set as me! ;)





Trish said...

This is great! Please convert more nanu stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I love this set. Thanks so much for converting this!

Anonymous said...

love you man, we want more nanu stuf!!!!

Anonymous said...

convert marlou bedroom please!

Victor said...

extrasky, i`ll try if i had enough time for it. Thanx for comments

Shalunyturns said...

Hey I like this ;) good work!

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