Musculed top mesh (YAM-EM)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

  This mesh is inspired by Alex_Stanton`s meshes with pectorals. But this one is selfmaded.
I cloned from male nude top mesh.
It`ll be perfect for bodybuilders clothes.

This mesh has highpoly only. WSO and UV map are included.


Solaire said...

So are these and the "package" mesh for clothes makersor is there a way u can apply them to the base sims mesh?

Victor said...

Solaire, do yo mean default meshes? If so there are existed some meshes made by Kittyklan that replaces male underwear bottoms.

Solaire said...

Well, I am more interested in if there is a way to make the Sims male mesh carry through to default clothing n such. . . Like The pecs would always be there regardless of the shirt kinda idea as well with the bulge. . hehe and Yes I already have that from Kittyklan =D

Victor said...

Of course there is a way to make default mesh for tops. But I don`t know exactly how to make it

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