234jiao`s 5+7 skintones repack

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This is repacked conversion of default musculed skitones made by 234jiao: male and female. The face skins are included too. Sorry I forgot to screen it. But you can see the fases by the links to defaults. ^__^
Actually I don`t like defaults and try to convert it to non default as soon as possible.
This repack consist of two parts. Second part (1.2) contains the realistic maxis matching skin recolors,

And the first one (1.1) contains alien, blue and red skins.  

Here how it looks in game:

Remember, if your game isn`t updated u`ll need this mod to make this skins show in the game.
Read the description carefully.



Erica said...

They look great. Nice pics. I love seeing how dark skin tones can get.

Victor said...

Thank you Erica for your comment.
I saw comments at sims3blog so forgot to mension: the face skins are included too but I forgot to screen it. My mistake. Sorry. ^__^

Katherine said...

Nice! But, without face? I need only the body please =S

Karric said...

Is it possible to get these skins as a regular image file?

Victor said...

Yeah, Karric. It`s easy to extract them by skinnator.

Nisho albadoris said...

can you make it non default

Victor said...

Nisho, it`s non default already

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