Gothic Rose window

Friday, 4 June 2010

I made it for MTS Medieval challenge. But it was rejected. Now you can download it here
It has 5 different vitrage colours.





Iori said...

So weird it got rejected!!
Your project is AWESOME!!

babu said...

Rejected?!!! Why? it's beautiful!

Victor said...

Iori, thanks to you, my first reader.)
babu, it was not accord the rules of the site.
Glad to see new followers. Thanks for comments.

Chanda said...

Amazing!!! Too bad it was rejected. It's phenomenal! Thank you for sharing anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great work.. I'm looking forward to your next projects..

Jerusha Simon said...

This window would be **Stunning** in a castle that I'm building, but when I try to actually place it in the game, it doesn't show up correctly. The window frame is there, but the window panes don't show up, it's just the wall they're placed on showing through. Also, the corners of the wall panels the window is placed on go on the fritz - the upper left portion of the left and middle wall panels disappears and becomes see-through. I'm using the "package" version, haven't tried installing by sims3pack because it's much harder to remove when installed that way. If there's a way to fix this issue, please let me know because I would LOVE to have this window working in my game! <3

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