TWINBROOK UPGRADE! - The Red Rendez Vouz (NO CC)

Monday, 12 August 2013

 First lot I upload from my new Twinbrook is a Red Rendeszous.

Since time ago it was the only place to gather all people of community. Just a little hangout with bar and tables.
I added new levels. There is a new big bar and karaoke at first level

 A big dancing area and a place with DJ and live music and a gaming place at second level.

And VIP room at third. You should be a popular person to get into. It has its own bar, pool table and many different cool stuff.

Also it has toilets and bowling at  ground floor

I made it really big club. It has four filled storeys and working all day and all night for your sims. You need to have all EP and SP from World of Adventures to University Life. No CC is used. Cheer your sims and welcome!


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