Few words about my creators policy

Friday, 24 September 2010

Well, I have already done so lot of different content so it`s time to say about my creator`s policy.
There are some different sites, where I uploaded my creations. And there is a one rule fer them all:

- You can add my creations to your sims, lots, use them in stories and exchanges without asking my permission
- It`s good to add a link to your post where you got a CC where it`s possible. Just to let other simmers to know where you gotta stuff . Screenshots don`t needed to have links
- You can reuse, recolor, retexture my creations as you like. BUT the resulted file is gonna be FREE as the external. So you can upload a resulted creations to TSR but only to free sections.
- You can reuse my meshes and convert my sims 3 creations to sims 2 if you can make it. But the upload is shoudda be free too

About requests:
I take requests only from members of Prosims forum - a big russian habitat for simmers. It need to be logged in, so if you want to request me something, you should to write a PM in it. It`s recommended to add a links to get a mesh file, if your request`s a conversion. Requests in this blog as in other sites will be ignored.

That`s all

Feel free using my creations! ^_^


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